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SB1-2 2017 DOMINATOR Trick Drums SB1 Trigger  Dominator Double

SB1 Trigger Dominator Double

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SB1 2017 trigger system for Dominator double pedals.

 Advanced laser technology is deployed to monitor motion and velocity, when the motion and velocity abruptly stop (the beater hitting the drum head or pad) on the forward strokes only a trigger signal is sent to the drum brain. Accurate to 1.5 milliseconds, no false triggers or crosstalk will occur with the SB1.

This will NOT work on a lefty Dominator and we do not make an SB1 for a lefty Dominator.

Not for PRO1V model pedals.


For installation instructions please visit this link: https://youtu.be/AudvTBjcLFs

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